Monday, 23 January 2012

An Introduction To My Makeup Collection

So I have welcomed you to my blog now perhaps I should welcome you to my makeup collection. I do not have a truck load of products but I have more than enough. Many thanks to Beautyheaven for that one. Ever since becoming a member of the beautyheaven community my collection has defiantly grown – to my absolute pleasure of course.

I will just warn you that this post will mainly be pictures and not everything is included here but you get the picture. :) So ready, set… GO! 
Office Works Draws (don't mind the mess on top)

Draw 1
A closer look inside Draw 1-

Draw 2

A closer look at draw 2-
Foundations, bronzers, illuminators: 

Stila Illuminating tinted moisturiser                                                                  Chic Australia Baked Contour Powder in 05 Lillypilly Love RRP$49.95
Blacks, colours, gel & white

Draw 3
A closer look inside draw 3- 


Plus I have a bunch of other stuff all over my room in random places, like lipglosses and mascaras I use often. 

So there you have it... A glance into my ever-growing collection.
In the other draws I just have other odds and ends like nail polishes, hair brushes/combs, samples, small moisturisers etc.

See anything yours and my collection have in common?


  1. Your makeup looks so organised, reminds me to get mine into order since I can never find anything I am looking for :)

  2. @MsBilliLilli Its really not as organised as it looks, but I figured, since it is the new year, I would tidy it up and throw away some products I have no use for :)

  3. You have quite a collection :D

    Fortunately for me mine is still pretty small and it all sits on my dresser table.

  4. Love your collection of makeup there! I'm all about nails so if you're interested in nail tutorials, please give my blog a visit ;)


    1. Great blog Sooji, you are very creative with your nails!

  5. Lovley Blog Very Organised xxxxx