Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Well if Miranda Kerr sporting her Aussie pride doesn't get you into the spirit of Australia day then I don't know what will.

Following the theme of today I thought I would post some great Aussie survival must-haves. 

Where was I before I discovered this Neutrogena mist sunscreen. It is fantastic, easy to use and has a dry-touch finish. No more DIY beach-exfoiliations with scratchy sand, go get your hands on this. RRP$17.99

 MeMeMe cosmetics are a great new brand I have just recently discovered and I am lusting over these cute quad eyeshadows. Staying in line with the theme today, this green and gold combo would look fabulous at any Aussie day BBQ. RRP$17.95  

Sunglasses! A must have for our sunny climate. I just bought some fabulous new Bulgari sunglasses. These Mediterranean nights sunglasses have stylish purple acetate/gray gradient lenses and they go great with any outfit. I got them from DFO on sale and I am loving them.

And of course some frayed jean short shorts. All these great shorts can be found at Beginning Boutique. Beginning Boutique is a fabulous online store that keep up-to-date with all the latest trends. They have some great sales going on right now so quickly head over to their facebook page and check them out.

Happy Australia Day to all my readers, stay safe whether you may be lounging around at the beach, park or just at home listening to Triple J's hottest 100.

(photo from Beginning Boutique)


  1. I love those shorts!! And I'm also going to check out the brand mememe!! Your blog looks great I love your heading/banner thing! Its adorable :)

  2. Thanks Sarah, such kind words. :)

  3. Great post bbBeauty. I like the look of the 3rd pair of shorts.

  4. very cute blog! i agree with the 3rd pair of shorts! they look awesome

  5. Oh, love this post! AND I've just remembered that I completely missed the 50% off sale Me Me Me was offering on Australia Day! Oh no!

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies.

    @themadeupmaiden 50% is a fantastic sale but like you I missed it aswell because I am trying to spend less on cosmetics this year. :)