Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Is eco really best?

After using the L'oreal Infallible 24hour brush foundation, I found the wonders of using a foundation brush to apply liquid foundation. I was always one to use my fingers or a sponge to apply my base but now I am fully converted to a brush application. 

Being a novice beauty, I had no idea where to start with using a brush or which brand to buy whether it be MAC, Australis, NP or from the Body Shop. Honestly, there are just so many brushes out there that you may never be satisfied with your choice and everyone has their own personal tastes so you cannot rely on another person's review.

I decided on trying out the EcoTools brand as I am a big fan of going green where I can and I love the bamboo look of the brushes.

From Priceline:
EcoTools Foundation brush RRP $10.99
EcoTools Deluxe Concealer brush RRP $7.99

Why choose to go green?
So many reasons...
My thoughts on the brushes:

Foundation brush; 
-very dense bristles 
-a little bit scratchy 
-decent sized brush head and comfortable handle

Deluxe concealer brush;
-small brush head which allows you to get into hard to reach areas and allows for extra precision when applying concealer

These brushes are synthetic so they do not feel as soft as some other brushes and the bristles tend to feel scratchy at times so make sure you apply gentle strokes especially around delicate areas like your eyes. Some people love these brushes and go on about how soft they are but I do not feel these particular brushes are that soft or flexible. These two brushes are the only ones I have used from the EcoTools range so I am not commenting on the overall appeal of all EcoTools brushes. I do adore the look of them and thickness of the brush handle.
When applying foundation I had no problems getting a flawless finish. They don't leave you with a streaky look and that's a huge plus, they are also really simple to clean and maintain. I will continue to use these brushes as I find them adequate but I would be interested in comparing them to other brands.

What do you think? Do you apply your foundation with a brush?


  1. I havent used these ones, but I adore the EcoTools bronzing brush (I use it for powder). And their eyeshadow brush is amazing too!

    1. These are the only 2 brushes I have used. They are fabulous for cheap, natural brushes