Monday, 13 August 2012

Frock Up and Stock Up

Over the weekend I visited the Frock Up Vintage Fair in Brisbane. Imagine racks and tables full of shoes, bags, jewellery, dresses, clothing and everything in between. It was a lot of fun finding great one-of-a-kind items of clothing and seeing the transformation of fashion through the ages.

My tips on finding a bargain:
- Be prepared to dig! The racks are choc-full of clothes and sometimes the best pieces are hidden under another skirt or caught on a different coat-hanger. Sort through each individual item so you don't miss out on that one treasure.

- Size doesn't matter! Just because the tag says 16 doesn't mean it won't look good as an over-sized top/dress or with a belt. Remember sizes have changed over the years so something that is a higher size than you would normally wear could very well be your perfect fit. If you love something then try it on and see if it works.

- Alter to perfect! If a dress is too long or a top is a little bit off there is such thing as a sewing machine. You can cut and hem anything to make it more modern and alter sleeves similarly.

- Don't be afraid to haggle! Sometimes that perfect skirt might have a slight stain so ask if there is a better price that can be done or ask if you can get two items at a reduced cost.

- Have fun and happy hunting! Take it the environment and all the different clothes, if something looks ridiculous on the rack, try it on and have a laugh. We all know that there are vintage pieces that should stay in the past.

What I picked up from the fair:
 Wool and suede vest $20
 Love the style of this top.

 Gorgeous summer dress with a tied bow back $40.

 Vintage short sleeved blouse $5

 Vintage print top $5

Love the print on this top. It's oversized and looks great with skinny jeans or a high waisted skirt.

Love a good vintage bargain? Check out The Way We Wear website to see dates and events.

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