Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fiji Dreaming... Packing for a summer holiday

We're all going on a... summer holiday. No more worries for me and you... Except what to pack!

I am off to Fiji for a week and I'm one of those over-prepared travelers who really enjoy my creature comforts. I like to have brands I know and products I can trust so I put together a quick list of my favourite summer must-haves for a quick beach holiday.

A quick trip to the supermarket and this is what I came away with. Normally, I am much more environmentally friendly when shopping and turn my nose up to individually packaged products as they are overpriced, unnecessary and are way more production-intensive but seeing as I am going on a vacation I succumbed to the convenience of our consumer society. Here are my takeaways:

Swisspers Facial Wipes: These have a million and one uses and when you're applying sunscreen constantly they are useful for hand wipes and after hoping out of the pool or sea it's refreshing to wipe your face once over to remove excess sand, salt and sweat.

Blistex lip balm (Raspberry Lemonade Blast): A good lip balm is essential for the summer time and you want something nourishing and healing to save your cracked and dry lips. (Review to come soon, I am not a fan of this flavour at all).

Kleenex Flushable Cleansing Cloths: When I went on a trip to Hong Kong these were my lifesaver as the toilet situation wasn't always the greatest experience and you should keep one in your carry-on, your luggage and your beach bag. They are great because they are not fragranced, not soapy and super simple to use. Great for the humidity and even better if it's that time of the month. Also, being the summer time it's great to feel fresh down there and again wipe away salt, sand and sweat.

Extra Chewing Gum: I am old school and like having chewing gum on the flight during take off and landing. It really helps calm my nerves and help my ears pop. And when you're on your vacation it's handy to have these around for after dinner and any time you need fresh breath.

Kleenex Tissue Packs: Again, have these in your carry on luggage, in your checked luggage and your beach bag so if the air cons or the change in weather don't leave you with a running nose or hay fever or anything.

Nivea 50+ Sunscreen: Last but not least. A brand new sunscreen lotion. We had about 3 half empty sunscreen containers in our household but as I knew I was going to a beach location and be applying sunscreen on a thrice daily basis I invested in a larger sized 50+ bottle.

Until next time! xoxo

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  1. I hope you will have fun in Fiji, it's been on my list of places to go for a while :) I just came back from Port Douglas and is still in holiday mode. My sunscreen and cleanser were a life saver!!