Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Fashion is the Only Cure

Last week I attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival here in Brisbane. MBFF this year showcased many local labels and some pretty fancy fashioned-up Benz. Celebrating 10 years we love seeing the latest in home grown fashion.

Last week's showcase was the QC Club Bridal Group Show with the stand out for me being Elizabeth De Varga who had not one but two awesome fashion transformations into adorable bridal play-suits (unfortunately didn't get photos). Here are a few quick snaps taken from my phone so the quality is not that great.

 Entrance and foyer. Of course a glass of champagne because, why not?

 Inside the runway.

 And the dresses.

 End of show.

Now let's all go watch some serious re-runs of Sex and the City to get our fashion fix.


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