Thursday, 8 January 2015

Breathe and Reboot; Whenever You Choose

Another year and another chance to make your mark on this beautiful wide world and spread your inner beauty.

You already know who you really are so do not get weighed down worrying about New Year's resolutions and whether you are on track to maintaining them or not. The idea of a resolution is a bit ludicrous to me now because you do not have to wait a whole year to do something you want. You can start whenever you choose and if it doesn't work out then you can start again.

I heard something the other day on Hay House Radio and the teacher (I cannot remember her name) was talking about if you do one thing it can simply be to love yourself more and choose to spend this year focused on who you are and looking after yourself better. That can be done in many many ways from cooking more at home, to buying flowers for yourself, and meditating to look after your complete body, mind and soul.

Or it can be as easy as looking in the mirror and deciding to really love yourself this day (and then each day after that).

So go ahead beautiful people and simply:

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