Monday, 12 November 2012

I believe in Positivity

I am a huge believer in positive thinking and I like to consider myself a positive person. Why surround yourself with negative thoughts and feelings when you do not have to?

If you have not already discovered Jessica Ainscough's website The Wellness Warrior check it out as it is a great source of various information from healthy lifestyle choices, to natural diet and juice options, to detox in mind, body and spirit. She has a great website which I encourage you all to have a look through.

This morning she shared on her facebook and twitter page's exciting news about a new transformational film called The Cure Is. Now while some of you sceptics may not believe in all this new age information such as The Secret and other films alike. I urge you to just watch it because no matter what you believe, you can still receive valuable information about the power of your own self and what you think.

The hour long film shares real life stories of people who have healed themselves of illness and are now living healthy and happy lifestyles. You do not have to be sick to understand the messages however. It does not have to get to that stage. If you change yourself now you will live long fulfilled lives that burst with happiness and health.

I know I might sound a bit like a broken record or a whack but an open mind can do wonders. Things that jumped out at me when I was watching the film were;

Love yourself. The most important thing to me. I believe everyone should LOVE who they are.
Do what makes you happy. Whether that may be bushwalking, going to the beach, yoga or other things.
Eat items that you enjoy. Don't make a healthy diet be a chore but a learning and experiencing process.
Forgive. Do not hold on to any past anger.

The video goes through a number of other things so if you want to know more I strongly urge you to make the time to sit down, relax and really watch this video.

Believe in yourself!
Sending out positive vibes to you all today lovelies,


  1. I think it's really important to maintain a positive attitude too!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster award, please check it out, it's a great way to network blogs!