Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Boys from Jersey

The other night I went to see Jersey Boys at QPAC and let me just say that the whole way through the show my face was hurting from smiling too much. It was just that spectacular!

The cast, the songs, the props, the precision in every little detail, was flawless and it will honestly leave you saying; Oh, what a night!
(photo from Jersey Boys Brisbane facebook page)
The impressive cast sounded fantastic in their vocal talent and worked together so well. It astounded to think that they were doing this practically every night for a different audience maintaining this high quality performance.
(photo from Jersey Boys Brisbane facebook page)
The sell-out crowd cheered and sung along to the classic's like Sherry and Walk Like a Man.

 Waiting in anticipation...

 The set design, lighting and sound all came together in perfect unison.

If you get a chance to go see them (if you haven't already) then I highly recommend it.

Have you seen Jersey Boys?

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