Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Woe is me

In light of study week for university students I find myself getting worked up thinking about study but when I just sat and focused on individual tasks that need to be done, my workload did not seem as bad.

So a foreword piece of advice to anyone going through exams right now is; Don't get overwhelmed looking at the big picture. Take a step back and proceed one foot at a time.

It is humanly impossible for an individual to be studied all day everyday for 3 weeks straight so do not feel like you have to. An important initial step is to plan out the coming weeks and schedule in any large breaks eg. if you have a concert or a friends 21st, and then work your study around that. This way you should feel better knowing you have a break coming up and when you get sufficient study done a time out will reward your hard efforts.

Even during the day you are allowed to take a break from study, just make sure you are actually doing some study though.

Surviving study tips:

- Force yourself to get up early ahead of time. Your body will get a shock if you have to be at an 8am exam when it's used to sleeping in till 10pm each day. Set yourself a wakeup time such as 7am and do NOT go back into bed just because it's warmer there.

- Physically write down what needs to be done and allocate days to specific tasks. Plan your weeks wisely and stick to it!
- Switch subjects half way through the day so your mind gets a break and a change in focus will spark more interest rather than being lugged down by Tort Law all day.

- When taking notes, use different coloured pens for certain topics.

- Read over past exams and practice writing out responses in set times, just as in the real exam.

- If you need to study on your computer, do not take a break on your computer. By that I mean stay off those websites like 'Damn you autocorrect' as you will lose track of time and not get to stretch your legs. Also online shopping is a big no-no. I am guilty of this, just wasted hours shopping at the Iconic. :(

- Sit at your desk with a hot cup of green tea. It will help to focus your mind and give you a nice break from just sitting and staring at the books.

- Keep your goal in mind. Knowing what you want to get out of this at the end will help keep you motivated in the back of your mind.

Stay positive. No one got anywhere thinking they couldn't do it. So for all those studying right now, you can do it and I wish you the best of luck!

Got any other great tips, I would love to hear them?

And if any of this doesn't motivate you, this study song sure will! :)


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  2. Great tips :) I write out a study schedule where I assign each day what chapters etc I will do for what subjects. It's really good because I know then I have time for everything and esp having ten days before my first exam but then a few close together i know otherwise i will just study for the first one but then not have time after it for the rest! Also exercise is great for a break and helps you concentrate!

    1. Agreed. Exercise is a great way to get out of the house and release built up stress. Me and my housemates go for a quick jog/walk around the neighbourhood in the afternoons. :)
      Good luck with your study Xx

  3. Some great tips! I have one more assignment left to complete until I graduate! ah

    1. Wow, congrats! I still have a year and a half :P

  4. Haha that first picture embodies me right now. Great tips!

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  5. These are really great tips! Thanks. :)

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