Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Winter just got a whole lot sweeter thanks to B&L

The Beauty and Lace Winter Box has finally arrived. If you are not sure what I am talking about then let me explain. This is the first time I have taken part in Beauty and Lace's goodie boxes but basically for around $30 you can get a little something special sent to you in the mail and all the products (samples and full sized ones) will be a surprise. 
What's so good about Beauty and Lace's goodie boxes? 
Well there is a variety of brands that may be new to you and products are a mix of both beauty and lifestyle. That was a huge draw for me because a girl can only own so many tubes of mascara!

Here is a look inside the box:

A closer look at the products:
Beautiful stationary from Earth Greetings.

Farmstyle Pickle chutney from Anathoth which I thought I would totally hate but I had a quick walk round their website and found some tasty looking recipes. Plus I love their jams so I am excited to try this one out.

 Keane's new studio album. I have heard some of his other songs which I don't mind. It is a very laid back sound perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Alfaparf Milano illuminating sculpting spray. I have plenty of hairspray already but I love a non-aerosol bottle.

Manicare false lashes- Kelly

 Vani-T Mineral liquid radiance in Sun RRP$40.10. I am most excited about trying out this product!

 Wotnot facial wipes. I love these wipes! Wotnot is a great natural brand and the wipes do not leave my face stripped dry like other wipes do.

Baby mum-mum rice rusks. I honestly do not know what I will do with these as I certainly do not have a kid. 

 Two pocket-sized books.

 Beauty and the bees soap.

 Bel Ami double season pass. However, it has stopped showing in cinemas so that is really disappointing. 

Plus numerous small samples.

Overall thoughts about B&L's goodie box:
To be honest, I was expecting a little more beauty-related items but these boxes never claim to be about beauty so that was just my own thought. One lipstick and this box would have been superb.
I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of stuff we got for our money and it is a good way to introduce you to some brands that you may never have know about. For me, the Earth Greetings stationary is something I will be looking into and purchasing again as they do some lovely greeting cards
Another positive is the fact that the majority of these products and companies are Australian and eco-friendly.
Delivery does take about 8 weeks for your goodies to get to your door but I guess it is a lot of work to organise and it is well worth the wait.

Final words:
Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for the wonderful treat! And if you get the chance to sign up for one of these boxes in the future then I would recommend it, who doesn't love to get parcels in the mail.



  1. You received some great stuff! It sounds like a fun idea :)

    from L U A R


  2. I've seen so many of these box services around but never one that includes lifestyle products! It's such an interesting twist and it looks like Beauty & Lace included some really lovely (and truly surprising) things!

  3. Nice selection of products! The Vani-T Liquid Radiance looks interesting. I haven't come across Beauty and Lace until I saw your post. Thanks for the review :)