Monday, 14 May 2012

Hair Care: Part II

After I got my hair cut (see earlier blog post here), trimmed really, I thought it was a nice opportunity to test out the new John Frieda Precision Foam Colour.

I tried the colour 8A Medium Ash Blonde. The Priceline I went to didn't have the greatest selection on the shelves but I wanted to stay close to my natural hair colour and just even it out.
Looks simple enough :)
Inside the pack is everything you could possible need:
  1. Developer
  2. Colourant
  3. Conditioner
  4. Foamer Cap
  5. Professional Gloves

Developer and Foamer top

Mix the colourant (black bottle) into the developer (white bottle). This next step is extremely important, you will be tempted to shake the bottle but you only tilt the bottle upside down about 5 times to gentle mix the liquids.

Before and,
After mixing
Replace cap on developer bottle with foamer top after mixing. This at home hair colour is applied directly to dry hair.
Squeeze the bottle while holding it upright, be careful again not to shake bottle. Disperse the foam onto your hand and then apply at the roots where your hair parts naturally.

You can then continue dispersing the foam onto your palm and applying at the roots first in rough sections before massaging the product into your hair.
Read all instructions carefully.
I recommend using all the product and leaving it in for the full 30 minutes if you have mid to long length hair.

After you have applied the product to your hair, your hair should be over-saturated with foam as shown in the instructions. However, my hair just looked and felt wet, without any foam. I am not sure if that is because I have longer hair.

One thing I noticed straight away with this product is the smell. It is very strong and off-putting. It should be noted that the only other at home hair colouring I have used is the L'oreal Casting Creme, so I am only comparing it to that. I had to put my fan on and open all the windows (it was a very cold day) due to the strong smell.
Apart from that, it is a very simple formula to use and the instructions are super easy to follow, even by yourself which is what I did.

After you wait for 30 minutes, jump in the shower to wash off the product and then you get to use the conditioner (leave this on for about 4 minutes) which smells the best and feels so silky after use.
Conditioner 50ml

This is a before shot. Not sure if you can tell but the roots of my hair has long regrowth and is looking a little dull.
And the after shot. Regrowth is completely gone and my hair is evened out and looking a lot healthier.

Overall: I liked this product very much. John Frieda have spectacular hair products so it is no wonder this hair colour is no exception. The concept of a foam colour was very new to me but it was so simple to do by yourself. Only slight problems I had was that it does have a strong smell when using the product (but that can be expected from hair dye) and the product was not foamy when left on the hair. But the results worked and my hair has evened out and has an added shine to it.

Have you tried this hair colouring product?



  1. Now I'm excited! I got the voucher for this dye, so will go down to Priceline and get one soon! xx

    PS: was one pack enough for long hair?

    1. Cool, let me know how your's goes :)
      It is hard to tell whether 2 packs would have been better. I think one gave me good coverage (although my hair was not foamy at all as it said it should have been) and I stayed pretty close to my natural hair colour so in my instant I think one was enough but I would love to try it again and maybe go lighter so I think 2 boxes may be an option.

  2. That's very pretty. I love your colour. I wish it was a colour I could pull off :-)

    xoxo lusted

  3. Nice!
    PS: Does you already participated in the giveaway on my blog:

  4. Thanks for this review, I've been thinking of at home colour, sounds perfect for me! x