Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hair Care: Part I

I have searched high and low for quality hairdressers and so far I have not found one I could stick to. They always seem to mess up my look, not produce what I asked for or just charge bucket loads of money for a simple cut.

Over the recent past, I have boycott hairdressers all together as I was trying to grow my hair and getting even a trim is priced at $55 these days. I generally just went back home to mum's house where she was all too thrilled to cut my hair.
Yet, lately I was craving a visit to the hairdressers for a quick touch up as my ends were shocking and I needed to rid my hair of those terrible split ends.

Here is a quick shot of my hair before the hair cut: 

I went to a salon in the local shopping centre I frequent and for $29.90 they just trimmed my hair. No shampoo clean or head massage (I was actually looking forward to that part) and they didn't even offer it to me. Maybe they only do that when you get a style cut, or its just been so long since I have visited a salon.
The results: I had it trimmed about an inch or so and re shaped around my face so it is more symmetrical. The ends are so much better and my hair looks much healthier but I still believe it's a steep price to pay for a trim these days.

I also decided to dye my hair a natural colour to even my hair tones so stay tuned for that post.

What do you think about your hair cut experiences?



  1. I totally agree with you! I boycotted salons for about a year after I went to get my waist length hair cut off to a pixi cut, and they completely butchered it! Since then I'd only been to a salon a few times for a trim or a touch up, all times being very expensive with very pushy hair dressers telling me I should buy their products!
    Funny thing is, they tell me "Oh, you must use a supermarket shampoo because blah blah blah" but I actually use a very expensive salon quality shampoo and conditioner. So I'm pretty sure no matter what kind of hair you have, they're trying to sell you something :(
    It's a real shame because going to the salon is supposed to be like a little treat to yourself, although these days it's terrible service (can't believe they didn't offer you a rinse etc!) and terrible prices! No wonder we're all cutting our own hair!
    Otherwise, love your blog :) xx

    1. Thanks for the comment darl, I love hearing your thoughts.
      I agree 100%, going to the salon should be a bit of R&R to pamper ourselves but so often we feel rushed and I have actually bought products from the salon after feeling pressured. :/
      I have had so many bad experiences that I am not convinced with salon service at all unfortunately.

  2. Ahhh I have the dreaded hair appointment tomorrow, let's hope the wash my hair because I'm paying something like $60 for just a trim and thinning! The prices are just ridiculous these days :(

    Also love your blog! :) xx

    1. Thanks for following lovely.
      I am sure they will wash your hair if you are getting it reshaped/styled and paying $60 for it :) Let me know how it all goes.