Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Baby Soft Lips

Well Maybelline have done it, creating a cult product reminiscent of the infamous Bonne Belle Lipsmakers.
I am sure almost every beauty obsessed guru has at least two of these in her possession. 

The original super cute Baby Lip balms come in a few different variants and I have the Anti-oxidant Berry.   

These lip balms are a super easy product to use and gives you soft, smooth lips on the first application. The smell is a tad overwhelming and personally for a lip balm, I don't like it to have a smell.

Maybelline have recently released a new limited edition Baby Lips.

This new edition has an added SPF factor. I am a must with SPF in anything. I am super pale and the sun can really damage my skin if I am not careful.

This new Baby Lips is a cute little addition to the family and it has the same great, bright packaging. It is still a little strong smelling for me but it is just as nourishing as the originals.
For a bargain price at $3.95 you can afford to keep one at work, in the car, in your handbag and on your bedside table.

The results of this lip balm are not too lasting, it is only a balm so you will need to reapply throughout the day. As Winter comes round I find my lips get more chapped and flaky so I will be using this product as a staple over the colder months.

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