Monday, 5 March 2012

Strip down and Shape up

I am not a huge nail-beauty buzz; I usually just stick to nail strengtheners and clear polish with the very occasional colour coat if I am going out. This product may actually change that for me however. Enter: Glamnails coloured enamel strips by Manicare.

When it comes to having a steady hand to paint nails I am such a clutz and usually end up with polish all over my fingers and the carpet. With this great product you will no longer have that problem and you get the perfect finish every time.

Included in the pack are 16 double-sided separate nail strips and they come in two rows of 8 pairs and a small nail file.

To use: Work with the pinky first then move on the thumb last. Choose the best fit size and remove the top clear film.
Then remove the back paper strip and line up the base line to your nail base; press down firmly and rub over entire nail.

Crease over-hang and file off excess. And there you have it… easy-as! It will take some time to get the hang of it but the results are truly professional.

The results: A shiny, smooth finish with perfect edges. Need I say more! I tried the colour Red Velvet (no.9) but they come in a variety of 15 different colours including two French nail enamel strips.
One small thing I did notice however is that it takes a bit of time for the strip to completely settle on the nail. Even then I noticed the edges were sticky up a bit and starting to crack. However, after I applied a quick clear top coat to the tips they did not budge.

On the pack it says they last up to 14 days. I did have a few chips on the first day but they were very minor and I guess I am not used to wearing nail polish so I was not taking any care to avoid hitting my nails on the kitchen bench. 

Removal is just as easy. As the product is 100% nail polish you can easily remove all traces with nail polish remover.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone going to a special event or party as they have such a fabulous finish and come in a wide variety. 

I think I will try the glittery gold colour next. :)


  1. They look great! now following u :)
    Holly xxx

    1. Thanks lovely. Am following you back Xx