Saturday, 31 March 2012

Everyday is special.

You do not need to look too far to find romance within the everyday.

Over the month of March The Modern Woman's Survival Guide, together with their readers, have been bringing out their romantic side and adding a touch of luxury and romance to the normal days making them fabulous!

There are so many simple things you can do at home to help you feel extra special and remember; when you give love, you receive love.

Here is how Gaynor Alder (editior-in-chief of the Modern Woman's Survival Guide) spiced up the romance in her every day:  

Photos from Modern Woman's Survival Guide Website
But of course, just visiting the website is like adding romance into your day as it is filled with beautiful words, pictures and inspiration. If you do not follow her already do so now.

And here is my humble attempt. (photos in no particular order)

I had no idea we even had roses in our garden until they sprung out of the weeds one rainy day.
New shoes will make any girl feel special!!
Cat sitting for a friend, animals help lift your mood and soul :)
Chocolate is a girls best friend.

Birthday cocktails at the roof-top bar.
Finding special treasures amongst a store filled with beautiful things.
Me and Betty spent one afternoon making brownies for my roomates, yum!

MOR has gorgeous candles that look and feel every bit of luxury.
Escaping to the Hinterland to visit the Winery is among my favourite things to do.
After the afternoon storm the bustling suburb is quiet as a rainbow emerges.
Just a simple morning in the garden.
Some times, it's easier to stay in bed with a good magazine and a hot tea.
I romanced my face with a touch of heaven thanks to Lancome.
And a month is not complete without buying a beautiful Tree of Life dress.

I hope you all take the time out of your busy days to soak up some romance.


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  1. I am so wild for lancome!

    <3 Jessica